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E-Mail Immunity verwendet neben den üblichen Techniken (z.B. RBL, Black/White-Listen), modernste Techniken zur sicheren Erkennung von Spam, unter anderem die Software Spamassassin sowie weitere, von TIMmunity speziell entwickelte Erkennungs-Methoden.

Email Immunity

Email Immunuity Mailserver Security

EMAIL IMMUNITY stops the flood of spam

Spam out of the line of fire: EMAIL IMMUNITY stops the flood of spam

  • Unsolicited commercial advertising messages are increasingly flooding corporate mail servers. Many company employees receive hundreds of so-called spam mails every day.
  • The medium e-mail costs valuable working time and becomes a problem for server administrators. Internet providers are reacting to the flood of spam by using filter programs to intercept the advertising mails, which are increasingly disguised and sent with ever increasing frequency.
  • An "arms race" has begun, similar to that in the fight against computer viruses, with the crucial difference that sending mass mails is technically much easier than developing a virus.
  • As a result, thousands of new variants appear every day - in contrast to viruses. The large number of different advertisements increases the danger that desired messages are inadvertently filtered out as so-called "false positives".
  • Email Immunity/UCE, a new product of TIMmunity GmbH, brings mail servers out of the spam line and makes an "arms race" superfluous. Easy to implement, cost-effective and already awarded for its innovative functionality, Email Immunty /UCE reduces the flood of spam in the long run.

Advantages of the Email Immunity technology in brief

Sustainable spam reduction
Uninterrupted e-mail supply
Extensive logging

Sustainable spam reduction

  • Today's spam filters achieve a detection rate of just over 90 percent. With 300 spam mails per day, for example, this still means 30 unwanted messages per day that have to be filtered manually.
  • Since the volume of spam is constantly increasing and the spam senders are becoming more and more skilful, mere filtering is hopeless in the long run, as it only combats the symptoms (a lot of advertising in the mailbox), but not the actual cause: the mailbox appears in more and more address lists of spam senders.
  • As a result, the number of spam mails received despite conventional filters continues to rise.
  • Email Immunity /UCE offers a way out of this plight: If a message is recognized as spam, the sender is informed that the target mailbox does not exist.
  • As a result, the sender of the spam usually deletes the address from his address book in order not to waste precious time and bandwidth on supposedly non-existent (or no longer existing) addressees.
  • This trick makes it possible for the spam sender to get his own mailbox "out of the line of fire". Various tests have shown that this procedure is very successful.
  • In all test runs the Email Immunity effect was shown: The longer the software is activated, the less spam messages are received and have to be filtered.
  • The fewer messages arrive, the lower the risk of accidentally classifying a wrong message as spam and rejecting it.
Email Immunity Spam Reduction
Email Immunity email supply

Uninterrupted e-mail supply

  • Should the backend (mail server) fail - for example due to malfunctions, viruses or faulty operation - no mails are lost, but the mails remain on the EMAIL IMMUNITY SMTP-Proxy until the backend is accessible again. Conventional SMTP servers let the e-mails in their queue fall into a 'Sleeping Beauty sleep'. Access to these e-mails is denied until the backend is available again.
  • Email Immunity /UMS, however, allows access to the e-mails in the queue via POP3 during the downtime period and the stock of accumulated e-mails can be retrieved. This allows important messages to be printed out at any time and urgent file attachments to be saved. All mails are accessible via a central mailbox.
Email Immunity secure connection
Secure communication
Of course Email Immunity /UMS allows encrypted retrieval from the queue. The communication can be done via POP3/S (SSL) or TLS to ensure maximum compatibility with mail programs.
Email Immunity cost reduction
Reduced costs
As a result, flexible access to incoming e-mails is achieved and there is no redundancy in user administration due to synchronization activities. A backend failure no longer interrupts the running operation. Email Immunity /UMS thus reduces downtime costs

Email Immunity /REPLAY - Lost items found again

  • Administrators of mail servers know the scenario: The backend (mail server) has a total failure, the only available backup is the one from last night. During the restore, EMAIL IMMUNITY/UMS allows access to all new incoming mails, but all incoming mails from the time of the backup to the point of failure are lost with conventional methods.
  • With Email Immunity /Replay such a loss is effectively prevented: Email Immunity /Replay stores all incoming mails in a ring buffer, i.e. when a new mail arrives, the oldest backup copy is removed and the new mail is backed up. The buffer has a standard size of 2048 MB, but can be adapted to individual requirements by extensions, so that messages are available in the buffer for several weeks to months, depending on mail volume.
  • If mails are lost, they can be resent from the ring buffer to the backend. The administrator can select by sender, recipient and time period and, for example, resend all messages received between 01:15 and 7:00 to the back end. This process can be repeated as often as required. The messages are sent in exactly the same way as when they first arrived, so that no special settings are required in the back end. Lost messages can be restored with a few clicks in seconds - faster than any backup.
Email Immunity Lost Found email
Email Immunity everything is logged

Email Immunity /Journal - Everything is logged

  • The journal provides the administrator with a comprehensive control option for daily mail traffic.
  • Every mail is logged, no matter if rejected or accepted. In contrast to conventional products, not only the sender and all recipients as well as date and time are logged but also the e-mail subject and file attachments with name and size.
  • This enables the administrator to find 'lost' e-mails faster or to trace an error in the mail system more easily.
  • All data is stored in a MySQL database to which the administrator has access. Provided that the administrator has appropriate SQL knowledge, he can easily and comfortably realize his own evaluations and queries, for example how many bytes or spam per day went to a certain department, what the ratio of spam to unwanted messages is, etc... Configuration

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Email Immunity Login Screen
Email Immunity Login Screen
Email Immunity Dashboard
Email Immunity Dashboard
Email Immunity Journal Overview
Email Immunity Journal Overview
Email Immunity Settings
Email Immunity Settings

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